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Summer, Pools & Real Estate

It is officially Summertime in Kamloops! The sun is shining, the weather is hot and the drinks are flowing. There is no better way to cool off from the heat than jumping in the pool. A home with a swimming pool is a dream for anyone who loves the idea of stepping out into your backyard to enjoy a refreshing dip and relax in your own private resort-like oasis. Not only is a pool a luxurious treat for home owners, it can also be a very valuable asset when selling your home, especially in the blistering heat of a Kamloops summer. Do not let the glamour of a pool be the selling point, it is important to have a realistic understanding of the time and resources that it takes to look after and maintain a pool.

An important note to consider when shopping for a home with a pool is to buy in the spring and summer time. During the winter pools are winterized and have covers over them where everything is completely shut off and not always accessible. The warmer seasons are when pools are in full operation which makes it easier to see that everything is working smoothly. And if you aren’t very pool-savvy we recommend hiring a professional pool company to come inspect a pool before you purchase, just to further confirm its function.

Coming across a home in Kamloops with a pool is a special find, especially one that fits within your family’s budget and lifestyle. There are approximately 50 homes with pools currently on the market in Kamloops that are suited to fit various different lifestyles and budgets. If you are interested in finding your dream house or have any questions lets grab a coffee, we would love to chat with you and your family.

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