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Featured Community of Kamloops: The North Shore

If you are looking to invest your money in the housing market, the North Shore may be a good option for you to look into. The growth and opportunity of the North Shore is being noticed not just in Kamloops but across Canada as well. The North Shore community was recently featured in the Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine as one of the top 100 places to invest in Canada.

For years the North Shore has been stigmatized as a “bad part of town” due to various issues. However, with the help of the city and local business investors, the community is making huge transformations with aspirations to be the next hot spot. The vibrancy of the Tranquille strip is booming by the likes of businesses such as Red Beard Cafe and Jamaican Kitchen as well as future additions of more trendy eating spots and a craft brewery. The business development on the North Shore is acting as a modern trendsetter resulting in a refreshing vibrancy to the city of Kamloops as a whole.

The North Shore is also home to various sporting facilities and activities. The McArthur Island Park offers a large arena equipped with various ice arenas for curling, hockey, skating, as well as speed skating. Another trademark of the North Shore is BOA Brazilian Jiujitsu and MMA Club. This school offers various beginner and advanced classes in Jiujitsu, MMA, and boxing for women, men and children.

Many of the lots on Kamloops’ North Shore are flat and considerably large, making it optimal for long term hold for future development. If you are interested in investing in real estate on the North Shore there is no time to wait and see, the boom is happening now. The number of successful businesses on the North Shore is growing with each year, making it a promising place for long term investment.

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