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Relocating to Kamloops: A Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Research Kamloops Neighbourhoods

Kamloops is a vast city with various neighbourhoods characterized by different landscapes, accessibilities, and other important demographic attributes. Whether you want to be immersed right in the vibrancy of the city or situated within the hills of the countryside, Kamloops has it all. Various factors come into play when relocating to a new city, it is important that before moving to Kamloops, you outline factors that are important to your life in a new city. Proximity to work may be important, proximity to schools, restaurants, accessibility to main highways and roads; the list goes on. Find out what it is that is important to you and then head on down to step 2.

Step 2: Contact a Kamloops Realtor

There are many real estate agents in Kamloops so make sure you choose one that is right for your needs as an out of town buyer. Our team has members specializing in relocation, our expertise extends into experience as we too have relocated from the lower mainland to Kamloops and know exactly what you are going through. While it is important as a consumer to do your own research ahead of time, a real estate agent can provide you with further knowledge an insight not only about the real estate market itself but also further details about the various parts of town. This can help you narrow your focus to a specific neighbourhood of Kamloops that will suit your lifestyle the best.

Remember, working with a Kamloops Realtor costs buyers nothing! Our fee is paid by the sellers, so there is no reason not to reach out and simply ask for advice. The Empire Group operates on a no-pressure system aimed at building a relationship with clients that goes above and beyond the transaction; our motto is about creating a lifestyle through real estate.

Step 3: Get Approved!

Talk with a mortgage broker or bank of your choice about getting mortgage approval so that you and your Realtor can have a better idea of where your budget lies. Many people miss this step and that can cause a lot of problems heading into a deal to purchase a home. Just the same as researching Kamloops neighbourhoods, talking to a professional mortgage specialist can help you stay informed and make the purchasing process smooth and enjoyable.

Step 4: Wants vs. Needs

Time to research yourself. Narrow down your requirements to your absolute necessities versus bonus features. What is the most important features in your next home? Is it proximity to work? schools? restaurants? Is storage important to you? What about privacy? How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you need? Now, does your budget warrant all of these requirements? If not, what can you live without?

This is where a strong Realtor also comes in handy and we can help you understand what priorities are of the most important and which are not. Viewing properties can help achieve a better understanding of exactly what you budget prohibits.

Step 5: View Houses

Now for the fun part! Put your research into action and get a feeling for the neighbourhoods you desire. Check a few out and really get a feel for what life is like in those areas. Often times, viewing houses can alter your needs and wants and help you achieve a better understanding of your true desires in your next home.

Step 6: Narrow down your Neighbourhood

Now you have seen the neighbourhoods and the houses are fresh in your mind, pick the area or areas the feel the most right to you. Within your chosen neighbourhood I am sure you have found a few houses that suit your needs or may have even influenced your desire for that neighbourhood. The Empire Group looks to not only find the form of real estate for your lifestyle but to also give guidance to make sure you making a sound and profitable investment.

Step 7: Explore Kamloops

Get to know the city you are going to be living in. Kamloops has a lot to offer in all seasons of the year. Kamloops has everything from hiking, fishing and biking to skiing on water and snow; it is a true haven for the outdoorsy. If being outdoors isn’t your thing, fret not, you can explore Kamloops wine trails, grab a pint at a local brewery or catch the latest flick at the local theatre.

Step 8: Find the One and MOVE!

Find the right house can be challenging, it may take 20+ houses before you find the one but sometimes all it takes is simply walking in and getting that feeling. It is a huge decision and can be a scary process but you are not alone in this and that is why it is so important to us to go beyond the transaction. It is important to us to help you not just find a house but to find a house the fits your lifestyle.

You have found the house, now you move. Moving can be a stressful aspect in this process however, it is essential. You’re going to have questions and we will have the answers. We have the experience to guide you through this process and make sure you come out of it with a smile and that feeling of “I am home.”

Are you relocating to Kamloops or intrigued by the opportunity?

Contact The Empire Group today for a no obligation chat.

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