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For many, real estate is one of life's greatest investments. Following these easy steps to ensure a positive experience and successful sale of your home.

  1. This may be the most important step, find a Realtor! Do your research and find someone who has a proven and successful track record. It is also extremely important to find someone that is up to date with current marketing trends and techniques (ie. professional photography, social media presence, current website, etc.) Find someone who is readily available to you, both in person and via phone, text, or email. If you haven't already figured it out, we are the answer to Realtor search....obviously.

  2. Begin decluttering and depersonalizing the spaces of your home (ie. remove or replace family photographs, store or put away unnecessary decor, toys, kitchen appliances etc.). This will help the potential buyers viewing your home to visual themselves living in the space and increases the likelihood they will write an offer.

  3. Stage your home to highlight its best features and create a cohesive look. Depending on your budget, this can be done on your own or by a professional staging company that can work with your current furniture or bring in their own. Simple things such as rearranging furniture as well as adding plants can bring vibrancy to dull spaces.

  4. Before every showing: clean, turn on all lights, turn on some quiet background music.

  5. Price your home appropriately. Ask your Realtor to bring recently listed and sold comparables in the area so you can get an idea of what your home is actually worth rather than what you want it to be worth. Nothing is worse than a stale listing.

  6. Have an open mind headed into negotiations. Know there may need to be some compromises made on either side of the negotiation and flexibility may be necessary.

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