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Tips to Enhance your Backyard

Summer in Kamloops is all about soaking up the sun and backyard entertaining. (Who doesn’t love a good BBQ?) Whether you’re looking to sell your home or you just simply want to maximize your summer fun, here are a few clever and simple tips to help transform your backyard into a summer oasis on any budget.

  • Lighten up your home and yard with plants and flowers. This tip can be easily done on a budget and can immediately bring life back to your backyard. Do your research before you head to the store, see what plants work best for the conditions of your backyard. There’s nothing wrong with a game plan, especially when it comes to plants just don’t forget to water them!

  • Bring back the brights colours! You can never go wrong with brightly coloured patio furniture and have fun with it! Buying new patio furniture or cushions can get expensive fast so a budget friendly alternative could be added pops of colour with funky pillows. And for the ambitious individuals, you can even paint your drab, sun-faded furniture to make it anew. Don’t believe me? Follow this link to see how:

  • Enhance the backyard vibes with some nighttime ambiance. String lights are really in style right now and create the perfect nighttime glow whether you are entertaining or relaxing. Another option for a glowing ambiance are tiki torches. Tiki torches easily create a relaxing and vacation-like feel to a backyard and they are not very expensive, just make sure you’re smart about its location and play it safe.

  • Declutter and simplify your space. Find a hiding place for all your backyard storage and general junk. This includes garden tools, kids toys, and other miscellaneous storage. Cleaning up and rearranging can do wonders for your backyard not only is it easy but it won’t cost you a dime.

These are just some of many tips that can be done to enhance the happiness of your backyard. Lastly, invite friends and family over for a BBQ and enjoy the benefits of your hard-work!

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