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Brunch in Kamloops

I have never met a person that does not like Brunch…I mean how can you not?! The food options range from savoury to sweet and often times mimosas and cocktails are not only accepted but encouraged. Traditionally a weekend endeavour with family and friends, Brunch is an event that takes place in the late morning and can be used a time to reconnect with the people we love. In a time where the majority of our social lives is interacting online, the tradition of Brunch becomes evermore important to our existence as human-beings. With that being said, below we have listed some of our favourite spots for weekend Brunch here in Kamloops...check it out!

Hello Toast ( Downtown: 428 Victoria St.) - A funky cafe with a good vibe and great breakfast, always busy so may want to consider a reservation! A Kamloops favourite for sure.

Stock Pot Cafe (Sahali: 970 Laval Cres.) - A great spot for the comforts of a classic homemade breakfast.

The Dunes (Westsyde: 652 Dunes Dr.) - The perfect breakfast spot for the Westsyders out there. With views of the golf course it is a great spot to enjoy the view or get in a meal before hitting the golf course.

Amsterdam Restaurant (Valleyview: 1-111 Oriole Rd.) - Traditional and authentic dutch breakfasts. A very cozy comfy vibe, especially if you can catch the table by the fireplace. Famous for their authentic pannenkoek, it is a must try if you go here!

Red Beard Cafe (North Shore: 449 Tranquille Rd.) - Red Beard is a great place to visit any time of the day but if you’re looking for a funky twist on breakfast, then definitely give them a try. Fresh ingredients and a new wave artisan take on breakfast, Red Beard has some different options from your traditional breakfast.

Denny’s (North Shore, Dallas, Downtown) - If you’re looking for more bang for your buck Denny’s is a great place to go. A big menu with lots of options that will surely please everyone, you cannot go wrong with America’s Diner.

Harold’s Family Restaurant (Valleyview 1771 Trans-Canada Hwy) - One of the oldest breakfast diners in Kamloops. This retro diner has great food and great atmosphere. A part of Kamloops history, it is a must go to.

Have a favourite Brunch spot that we did not mention?

Let us know in the comments!

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