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It's a Dog's Life in Kamloops

If you are a dog person than Kamloops is a great place to live and in my opinion may be one of the best places in British Columbia to be if you own a pup. Kamloops is home to an endless amount of trails, parks, beaches and mountainous wilderness; many of which are dog-friendly. Personally, I do not like to be restricted to leashed areas as my dog is much more happy to be off leash exploring his surroundings at his own pace. With that being said, I have established a new appreciation for all the areas that allow for off-leash dog friendly.

  • 5 with fully fenced and gated enclosures

  • 2 with a separate enclosure for smaller dogs

  • 13 with off-leash hiking trails

  • 4 with a beach or swimming area

There are also other areas in Kamloops to take your pup off leash but this is just the official number.

Some of our favourite off-leash spots to visit in Kamloops:

Lac Du Bois Grasslands: This is a popular area to explore because each time you go you can probably explore a new trail every time. There are so many different paths everywhere you look and its a great wide open space to let dogs run around and burn up their energy. This place is especially great if you live in Bachelor Heights, Brocklehurst, Westsyde or The North Shore as it is only a few minutes drive up Bachelor Drive.

Kenna Cartwright: This is another popular spot in Kamloops to explore with various entry points and trails to enjoy with your K9 companion. A great spot located in Aberdeen and minutes from Sahali, this park features over 40 kms of trails and features incredible panoramic views of the Kamloops city and Thompson Valley landscape.

Valleyview Nature Park: A great desert hike located in Valleyview, this hike area offers a variety of dusty trails surrounded by beautiful views and the sensational smell of desert sagebrush. Located on the west side of the Kamloops Bike Ranch, you may even be able to catch a glimpse at some extreme mountain biking. This hiking area is great for proximity for those who live in Valleyview, Juniper as well as Dallas.

Peterson Creek Nature Park: In the heart of downtown Kamloops is a must see spot for Kamloops residents and visitors. The most notable feature of this trail is the stunning waterfall the concludes the end of the trail, its a great spot to stop and take pictures with you and your pup.

Battle Bluffs: A favourite amongst Kamloops residents for its jaw-dropping views of Kamloops Lake and endless grasslands. This trail is a great spot to get a good sweat on as the climb does get pretty steep towards the ascent to the top of the mountain. Located in Brocklehurst near the airport, this a great spot to check out for those living in Brocklehurst, Westsyde, Bachelor Heights, and The North Shore. Your pup will be tired after this one!

These are just a few hikes we enjoy taking our dog to but the list certainly does not stop there, what are some of your favourite dog-friendly places to hike in Kamloops and/or the surrounding area?

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