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Tips to Maximize your Investment when it is time to Sell.

Kamloops is a hot real estate market and it is a market that can provide great opportunity for its residents and newcomers to town. For residents thinking about selling their home, now is a great time but make sure you are prepared to do what is necessary to get top dollar for your home. The process of selling your home is not always as easy as it appears. Of course, most of the obligations fall to the responsibility of your Realtor however, there are certain things that you as the home owner can do to insure you get top buck for your investment.

  1. Keep it Clean. Go the extra mile to clean your house as though a professional has, trust me, its worth it. There is nothing worse than walking through a home as a prospective buyer and wishing you kept your shoes on, the mess becomes all you focus on and it will single handedly ruin a showing.

  2. Declutter & Stage. Get rid of unnecessary personal items and clutter. It can be challenging to see the beauty, character, and potential of a home if it is filled with “stuff”; my standby motto: less is more. Decreasing personal items and paraphernalia can make it easier for the prospective buyers to envision their life through your home. Create an experience for the buyers and allow the story of your home to unravel as they make their way through each room.

  3. Outdoor Fresh. First impressions are EVERYTHING. The driveway, the lawn and any landscaping are the first things a perspective buyer sees when they pull up to your house, make that experience a positive one. Take the time to make your front yard look fresh and if you don’t have the time, then hire someone.

These are just some of the key features that can help make the difference between thousands of dollars when you go to sell your home. The most important tip that runs through each of the points above is to make your home stand out from the rest. Chances are the prospective buyers have been through multiple homes before and after yours, and going through that many houses can make it easy to forget; so make sure yours stand out amongst the countless rest.

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