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Relocation & Millennials

Updated: May 24, 2018

The realities of home ownership in the lower mainland have quickly become a near impossibility for many millennials. Unless your family is able to hand you over a massive down payment, you’ve won the lottery, or are cashing out your early bitcoin investment; the chances of homeownership in the lower mainland are exceedingly unlikely. There is however hope for those young ambitious investors looking for their start and this start can be found through relocation. It may not be a plan that works for everyone but for those with a thirst for home ownership it can still be achieved. Kamloops in particular is currently one of the top investment cities in British Columbia. The city’s spot on the top 5 real estate investments cities of British Columbia (according to The Real Estate Investment Network LTD) is a result of reasonable housing prices and low vacancy rates. With a population of over 90,000 the city is on the rapid rise and unlikely to slow down.

The city of Kamloops is far from one dimensional and features various attractions suited for all brands of lifestyles throughout all seasons of the year

. With a growing wine scene, the world class mountains of Sun Peaks, and an overall mecca for outdoor enthusiasts, Kamloops is the perfect place to call home.

The Empire Group is ready to make your dreams a reality.

Contact us today and let us help you find the real estate for your lifestyle.

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