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The Growth & Development of Logan Lake

Logan Lake is a small community conveniently located just 40 minutes outside of the city of Kamloops. The District of Logan Lake is most prominently known for it's close proximity to the Highland Valley Mine as well as a great fishing and camping spot. Logan Lake is home to over 2000 people with a growing population of that number being young families. Part of the reason for the influx of younger families is due home ownership affordability in Logan Lake. Logan Lake is one of few places in British Columbia with relatively low house prices and within close proximity to a major city. This provides a great opportunity for families to become home owners in Logan Lake and make the commute to Kamloops for the daily work grind.

Many Kamloops residents are selling out in Kamloops and making the move to Logan Lake with the ability to pocket more of their finances. With the drive to Kamloops only being about 40 minutes, Logan Lake is a real possibility for many commuters. Another attractive feature to Logan Lake is the recent housing development, Ironstone Ridge featuring beautiful newly designed homes all for a price significantly lower than a similar house in Kamloops.

The sports community in Logan Lake is also growing at a rapid pace with many opportunities for extra curricular involvement. For years the Logan Lake Minor Hockey Association has organized an outstanding program with popular yearly tournaments and training camps. It is a strong program for young athletes and offers lots of opportunities and growth despite Logan Lake's small town size. In addition to the great hockey program in Logan Lake is the newest addition to the community, Rise Brazilian Jiujitsu School. Brazilian Jiujitsu is one of the fastest growing sports in the world and Logan Lake is one of few small towns to house such a gym. The school provides a great opportunity for both kids and adults to learn some self-defence skills and the sport is also a great form of exercise. In addition to Jiujitsu, Rise also offers a popular high intensity Kickboxing class for adults. Another community standout is the health centre, The Logan Lake Why. The health centre offers a variety of different and exciting exercise classes, a gym and a variety of youth programs.

Lastly, Logan Lake is a great community for lovers of the outdoors. Logan Lake offers a variety of outdoor activities no matter the season; from cross-country skiing to mountain biking and everything in between. A bike park, disc golf course, and an 18 hole golf course are just some of the notable amenities offered by the District providing more outdoor fun for residents and guests. The continued growth and development of Logan Lake is providing families with more and more opportunities financially, through sport, general amenities, and of course, the great outdoors.

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